KAJ Construction is a top notch pick for siding and window installation! The KAJ team is professional, prompt, and detail oriented like no other! It was a fantastic consumer experience to have the KAJ team re-side our home in Melrose and install new windows and a front door. Since I work from home, I was a daily witness to the work-ethic of the KAJ employees. They worked tirelessly through a significant heatwave of 90+ degrees, putting in long and very productive days, despite the challenges of the heat. They were responsive to any teeny question or concern that came up- although there really weren’t any! I was struck by the positive working relationship between the site manager, company owner, and laborers; everybody was a team player “all-the-way”!. KAJ was candid about timelines and budget, and communicated clearly and with transparency which eliminated the distress that often accompanies home improvement projects. And the result is amazing! KAJ does not cut any corners. The job is solid! Our home looks like new, feels like new with the improvement in insulation and windows, and the increased curb appeal is evident as well. We were referred by the family next door…. and more families in the neighborhood will be using KAJ for their home improvement projects as well. I am happy to highly recommend KAJ Construction.

KAJ Construction is a top notch pick